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Miracle Hair Removal Painless & Smooth

Hair Growth Inhibitor facial Removal cream Spray Beard Bikini Intimate Face Legs Body Armpit Painless

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1. Shake the bottle before use to ensure it’s easy spraying
2. Spray the cream on the area where you want to remove hair, and apply it evenly. Select the required amount according to the thickness of the hair to ensure that the hair can be acted effectively by the cream. the thicker cream applied, the better the effect.
3. After 8-10 minutes, rub a small part first to see if the hair can be removed. If not, you can extend the time of hair removal as required. The time should not over 15 minutes. The thicker the hair, the longer time it need to wait.
Key points: 1. Shaking before using; 2. Apply thickness of cream; 3. Hair removal time.
USE IT continuously, one session recommend 4 BOTTLES.

Additional information

Brand Name




Production License


Special Purpose Cosmetics



Glycerin, liquid chrysanthemum d element, butanediol


as shown

Model Number

permanent hair removal Spray

Item Type

Permanent herbal hair growth inhibitor

Body Care

Lightening Smooth Care



Cosmetic net content


Target Area

Bikini, Intimate, Face, Legs , Body

Feature 1

Hair Growth Inhibitor Serum Oil

Feature 2

a variety of botanical extracts gently depilate, nourish and protect

Feature 3

Mildly inhibits hair growth

Feature 4

Suitable for PUBIC HAIR


Cucumber, Flower and Fruit

48 reviews for Miracle Hair Removal Painless & Smooth

  1. R***n

    A month and a half before St. Petersburg. delivered to the House by courier cdek. spray works.

  2. J***a

    The order is happy! The products are excellent, they perform their functions! Shelf life up to 22 years. Thank you!

  3. G***g

    Thank You

  4. A***v


  5. F***o


  6. O***a

    Means for slowing hair growth came to the post office in three weeks. Packed in a package with Air backing. Each bottle in a spare box in mica. Bottles with a convenient dispenser-pump. For one application according to the results I can not say anything, but allergies do not exactly cause. I will use it, and I will add about the result a little later. Thank you.

  7. Customer


  8. V***h

    Good Remedy

  9. V***e

    Arrived fast and such which to their specifications

  10. Y***m

    I’m very satisfied

  11. H***t

    It takes much more time and volume.

  12. S***r

    start to see results after 1 week usage

  13. D***n

    Work will show time

  14. I***h

    Foam can be used on any part of the body where hair grows and even on the face, this makes the product Universal. I’m not buying it for the first time, because I liked the foam for depilation not only me, but also my son. Bottle in a branded box, sealed in mica. There is a bar code and shelf life up to 2022, 3 years. The depilator has a volume of 30 ml. The main ingredients: aloe extract, menthol, allantoin, EDTA-dyntrium. How to use: Foam for hair removal should be applied to the desired area. Distribute a thin layer in any convenient way. I spread my finger. Withstand 8-10 minutes, hairs are removed, bored. We remove a dry paper towel, so the skin is a little red, but it’s just from friction. Redness quickly passes and there is no irritation. It is recommended to wash off possible residues. Hair is removed effectively from the first time. The depilator has a specific smell characteristic of such means. Penka likes it. Thank you.

  15. N***n

    i just got my packages! thank youu

  16. N***n

    i just got my packages, the store is really good, thank you

  17. A***.

    The product is presented in the form of a standard spray. Inside is a creamy remedy. Volume 30 ml. Specially added vegetable essential oils will prevent rough hairs, nutrients keep the skin smooth. The product reduces the density and activity of hair growth. The composition includes such components as: aloe extract, menthol, allantoin, EDTA-dynasty. Packed the product in a box with the brand name. Also on the box you can see the shelf life of the product. Spray can use both men and women, for example to correct the shape of the beard/mustache. Spray can be used even for bikini area and so on. Method of application: 1. the bottle must be carefully shaken before use; 2. spray the cream on the area where you plan to remove the hair, evenly distributing it over the entire surface. The thicker the layer the cream is applied, the better the effect; 3. after 10-15 minutes, the cream should be carefully removed.

  18. A***a

    Order satisfied delivery 21 days

  19. Customer


  20. O***o

    Interesting tool. Packed in a box with all the information in English, shelf life and composition specified. I’ll try in the case

  21. Y***a

    Ordered December 8, received January 30 (put in the mailbox). The packaging is intact, everything is intact, corresponds to the description. The product has not yet tried.

  22. Customer

    Items arrived quite late but in very good condition so will have no problems selling on . Well packaged.

  23. A***I


  24. F***r

    Product in perfect condition.

  25. L***s

    it can remove some hairs but not as smooth as like waxing on the bikini area. you can still feel the remaining hairs inside your skin.

  26. I***a

    Until I tried

  27. K***h

    Not yet tried

  28. Customer

    Good for small parts

  29. Customer

    Good Remedy, works, allergies did not cause

  30. L***z

    For the time being, we’ll be watching, it doesn’t irritate the skin with 8 min of time

  31. G***h

    Packed very well but very slow delivery

  32. Customer

    Sent with a delay of 2 weeks, because of the quarantine, probably. In action I did not check, if I do not forget, I will supplement the results in 8 weeks.

  33. G***a

    After the cream in the green tube very strong irritation.

  34. U***k

    Excellent everything works, the smell resembles cucumber cream, pleasant.

  35. I***a

    Works, but very small volume

  36. G***a

    The order went to Moscow for three months, but it is clear at the moment with such events, the product has not yet been used, the reviews will be supplemented later

  37. T***b

    It really works, but you need to apply a thick layer

  38. Customer

    The drug works, you can take

  39. E***s


  40. F***f

    Hair removes, irritation does not cause, the skin is lotion well calms. Recommend.

  41. R***r

    The box was without protective film and opened. For this and I shoot a star. The lotion itself has not yet tried.

  42. O***a

    It’s a whole. I did not try more in action.

  43. Customer

    Do not cut the root just cut the hair.

  44. R***r

    It’s OK. The goods have come. Conforms to

  45. K***a

    The goods did not come, many times extended the time of arrival, eventually opened a dispute, the store communicated and the money was returned, although thank you for this)

  46. Customer

    Removes hair well, even hard. No irritation. I even tried to remove the hair from my nose, but they did not take their cream. And so removes even the bristles of the beard. Recommend. The inhibitor tried, but how well it helps against growth is still unclear, it is necessary to use it regularly.

  47. J***M

    It takes almost 3 months to get there. I haven’t tried it hopefully that it’s as good as they say, I’m well-packed.

  48. N***y

    it works well for hair on the arms(removals cream), and inhibitors I don’t know yet.

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