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Speed Projector Car

$265.75 $64.97

HUD Mirror 04 Car Head up display Windshield Speed Projector Security Alarm Water temp Overspeed RPM Voltage



Additional information

Brand Name


Wire or Wireless


Size Name


Output Frequency


Rated Power


Product Name

Mirror HUD head up display

Item Nubmer


Display Color

Blue, White



Unit size


Display 1


Display 2


Display 3


Display 4


Display 5

Water Temperature

Speed Unit



Over Speed, Over temperature, Over time Driving

Cable Length


Input voltage



Connect with OBD Port

Installation Positon

Center Console

Compatiable with

Cars in OBD Standard


1 Year

95 reviews for Speed Projector Car

  1. D***m


  2. Y***g

    New Year holiday when order is received in about one week then post with registered mail shipping with tracking available Commodity is no more and well being calluses calluses

  3. L***n

    Like women E82 compatible and once the system reset once you the user manual, please must read and

  4. Customer


  5. N***m

    Good quality, packed well, took 15 days to arrive, easy to install, store recommended

  6. Customer

    It works very well, it is easy to install and understand the instructions

  7. L***n

    Though Corona emergencies because product is late but received edition –quick answer questions and significantly kindly. Now goods installation and test new to result satisfactory european. durable made good, recommended. What’s more store with fast communication becomes the most smartphone if you are.

  8. J***R

    Upgrade version of the hit all menu with suitable times outside no dish-2019 Malibu 1.35 to fit you. Speed ditch RPM setting, while instrument panel than faster reaction as for the ㅋ ㅋ just dashboard flat design this is 100% non-stick easy Arthur still fall is not included Corona emergencies as three weeks or so hung seemed

  9. K***k

    Time only and all is well and nicer New Morning 2010 type

  10. Customer

    Corona emergencies caused by shipping delay by 1/27 order proccess day 3/5 arrive Tea paper lace work over none Instrument panel top speed for fit, 0.98 headset with the cotton being System version of Nickle is manual and unlike enter menu button way; summer Auto Brightness setting for manual to coordinate with your old with the dual-outside adjustable safety being So please contact the store is old as fit and convenient to use cotton is no more yelling

  11. Customer

    Shipping too slow living away and is satisfied.

  12. S***g

    Vivid and nicer. Corona sweat watch lots of late is made.

  13. D***g

    Well looks nicer

  14. C***c

    Shipping faster in Ali did not give Al. Design for example 쁩. Low to look good. Installation easy to good reviews. Recommend only.

  15. H***O

    Shipping fast and terrific

  16. D***o

    The non-chan-four model for Harvey was installed on

  17. A***l

    Delivery to Turkey in 15 days. urun is very good quality. I didn’t wait that long. very bright even in the sunny weather. the brightness is falling automatically at night. I think hud Display is the best. I definitely recommend those who want to get. 27 tl I paid the customs

  18. K***k

    Self power off and turn the arm current anti-theft being nicer. The tea is glass height can be lowered from some girly and street long products the

  19. P***k

    good product, The screen is clear

  20. Customer

    We had some problems with the shipping process, but we’ll give you a high score for the kind attitude of the store.

  21. T***m

    Wonderful and terrific!

  22. Customer

    Product itself is the only. OBD terminal belly once interior fuse box cover is more stable image heap. Makes 2020 K5 dl3. Diagnostic OBD terminal for Stone put fastener site is that. Watch Make sure you need.

  23. K***n

    Product quality is good Leakage for the electric is pretty, OBD2 scheme of limits OBD2 switch buy the tuning scheduled

  24. H***n

    All fuction is perfect, i think it need to auto brightness control(day/night)

  25. A***o

    All right, works better than I thought.

  26. H***m

    20/03/30. 20L/04/11 arr. Fast shipping Iraq was and is still use

  27. J***o

    My electric car, does not work Hybrid also does not work and time Hit all menu is on the Internet and Dallas after all if you have working in Soid

  28. K***h

    The product was well received. And confirmed that it is a good product. One thing I’m curious about is how to access hidden settings. I want to change the power settings

  29. D***K

    The great product

  30. J***m

    Shipping came quickly buy key original for cheap living stroked the discount lot the long so bought a fully the visibility between for heightening small installation, easy so much Double side ~ ~!!

  31. J***n

    thank you!

  32. B***b

    Product has had or store well cope by Ocean payment has been

  33. K***u

    Think more quality good and write only. Money cuddle up beauty shipping Corona as weeks days

  34. G***s

    Kind consultation + bright vision

  35. G***r

    RPM information fit quality wasnt to have low coming from ODB data set aside for us?

  36. K***o


  37. T***e

    Shipping is ten days or so hung in received. Product Configuration, trains, and binary parts oil the non-thin plastic material. Hybrid vehicle after installation in instrument cluster and catch the zero point try test running the year saw 1.05 headset skater shoe km/h for the low speed running to speed the hat differently or coming 30 km/h with over running at the only instrument panel and similarly, or bring. And speed change at the instrument cluster and HUD display on delay you have is compared to the instrument of HUD speedometer music rock my wholesale original skipping phenomenon. Product defectiveness Labor support fragrance trolling judge Ian Busin.

  38. S***n

    Definition clarity. Installation easy. Product very satisfied.

  39. I***g

    Shipping for three main took four. Corona because old jammed bike looks like a product is very well used to be accidentally White need in blue dont ask to rephrase patted well to purchase Oh

  40. R***r

    Installation diagram aside whatever is going to do without ODB terminals connected to you immediately is connected to four key

  41. K***o

    Work well and look nicer

  42. D***d

    It is very bright and looks good. The price / performance ratio is good.

  43. I***z

    I love it, it looks super sharp, I thought it was going to be a problem with the shape of my car (Peugeot 207) but in the end it didn’t take much work, very happy with the result

  44. D***a

    Everything great is a blast!

  45. G***h

    Great Saber years Avante HD. Machine label distressed hadn’t rub faded and days only for shipping det Navigation visual range Jack flower shows handle bottom part on Jack plug and play time set by junior end ㅎ Is still worry has four key Other car Children speed setting time modern day I set without changing well for your cooking Cyan’s too. Leather business wallet is etc. After the holy living well write the other Korean felines buy flat board high Decides to help and see’ll at least one lettering the Thank you. flourish please

  46. K***i

    Taiwan family. Once the speedometer go up the number one apiece nicer-other building membrane skipping some otherwise come on modern day ㅎ ㅎ

  47. S***e

    For the reasons four. well. Just, double sided leaf instead nowadays much writing this monster galaxy tape the once seemed better. hit all menu even the data description, not four. Door Front Manual is English.

  48. Customer

    Installation simple! There’s good!

  49. G***h

    item came in good condition. have not tested. will update again once I install.

  50. K***n

    ‘m very satisfied

  51. Customer

    Easy installation, beautiful n bright display. Speedometer showed as exactly like car reading no adjustment needed for this. Very happy with the product! Highly recommended

  52. Y***g

    The business is good for. Is anyone to readily. Cons-domestic new type Vehicle OBD for belly with cotton cover is closed quality the EE Note please. OBD terminal gender even PayPal did a good reply.

  53. J***o

    Very good yo Hybrid’s stars without other setting well Busin Highly recommend!!

  54. J***g

    4.21 order 5.1 Arrival

  55. J***i

    working greatly

  56. C***n

    Shipping is 9th and it took about one product is very satisfied.

  57. Y***i

    Captiva. Well it will be. RPM, speed so …. parameter setting Japanese tea tailored to you. Brightness adjustment. Highly recommended.

  58. H***m

    Work will be well ^^

  59. D***g

    Had it than the toughness is nicer. Very vivid. Low in direct sunlight or is about to shoot a long but all HUD artifact day seemed to show is absolutely no problem.

  60. K***r

    Write in cheap price but you .~^^ Shipping wholesale incredibly fast.

  61. K***b

    4/20 orders. 5/13 arrival. Too good. Low even well. Sportage QL works well in. Parts for the great care when installed in give gild add profile the US had no.

  62. K***r

    Helmsman reclaimed the faded

  63. I***o

    Excellent for driving on the road. It adds a very modern look. It just goes off when you stop revolutionizing the car, but I guess I did it wrong in the setup.

  64. Customer

    Cable something short for a Dacia Sandero 2019. I bought an extender. Otherwise very good shopping. It works very well.

  65. H***U

    When installed speed error virtually and simply see the

  66. K***E

    Daytime too bright and good day at night too light Arthur snow africa four. Mouse night light adjustable LED video up is not happy? ARM buttons cheap and good products.

  67. M***m

    Works well on low even very well for four. First, ready for window type buyers had the dual phase because to take the people saw unsatisfactory. Girls romper off the problems the store know thank you reset Ting replace You have been solved.

  68. C***g

    Fully good

  69. K***k

    Good sound

  70. I***e

    power error

  71. Customer

    Santa Fe DM car embedded in the IS perfect view sufficed for good and low wholesale well look four key shipping may be different fault but Anna to outflank

  72. D***y

    The size of course is bigger. Everything works, in the settings especially did not pick up only the clock, installed on Chevrolet Cruz in Korea.

  73. S***n

    The product works well and the quality is good. The display visibility is good. Delivery is also fast..

  74. J***n

    Installation is easy to operate and monitor is vivid and price contrast as the product is

  75. S***g

    DAG3 + Love combination is good for its purchase in scheduled for Cotton as having also seemed to be. Reference 2020 Corolla no new Carnival. Please note the light

  76. K***n


  77. Customer

    Safe packing with shipping is fast. Products work well made high performance to make you satisfied.

  78. G***s


  79. G***r

    Very gooooooooood !!

  80. S***s

    Fast delivery, still need to try if it works.

  81. S***l

    Terracan 2004 years in the speedometer does not work. 2011 Corolla stud 롁 normally from working together. 2009 years after dietary vehicle for the highly recommended! His old models please consider ~

  82. K***N

    Automatic brightness adjustment, day night regardless of the poet’s very terrific Alpina emblem, speed reaction speed fast way. Very satisfied with

  83. H***g

    Installation: Do you ever thought than the pleasure. satisfactory beauty

  84. Customer

    Visibility so much nicer.

  85. C***O

    Very well. Gift business card

  86. C***m

    Yet pre-install… still star month giving reason is ordered A week with only in normal 짦 is a month and lengthen the two months throw Ali is in view infrequently quickly with stars month as below

  87. Customer

    Yet fitted power but Shipping teeth grew.

  88. M***m

    Shipping Days, products make you satisfied

  89. F***c

    Delivery very fast and commodity is also very good

  90. Customer

    Product Cyan’s well and good writing. Saw multiple having different living but this product now days Okey

  91. H***u

    Viewing did well and installation and good oh ~!

  92. L***k

    Santa Fe TM compatible well Busin

  93. K***j

    Fast shipping works well. Driving at night to try to look at the security check

  94. L***O

    Price contrast good product. Newest High Brightness LED night for a little brighter. Brightness auto adjustment function not easy.

  95. K***r

    The rain boots is very good.

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